How exciting would it be to be locked up by your crazy science teacher. The only way to escape is to use your scientific knowledge and practical skills. The clock is ticking… In an escape classroom a group of students is trapped in a room with all kinds of scientific puzzles. They have to find clues and combine knowledge and skills they have acquired in class.

Escape classrooms can be played as preparation for an exam or the individual puzzles can be used as activating teaching methods. Anne de Groot and Joris Koot have launched a website to inspire teachers and to help them set up and play their own escape classroom for any age group or any subject.


How to play:Escape the Classroom explained

  1. Buy a lock, any type of lock.
  1. Download or create a puzzle of your own (four multiple choice questions can also be a ‘puzzle’).
  1. Lock up your students, their mobile phones or a prize, candy for instance!


  1. Try to make a puzzle where the answer to one riddle is the clue to finding the answer to the next one.
  1. Combine 6 or 7 puzzles to make a real escape room!


  • Play with groups of 4-5 students
  • Discuss the puzzles after playing.


All of the puzzles in our database are in Dutch. Luckily there is a similar project running in English. Check out